People at work have always preoccupied me. I am particularly moved by the effort of people whose work goes unnoticed or work that becomes erased or undone and that has to be repeated. In my practice I am drawn to record this labour to see if art can inscribe value or somehow make things fairer.

My films are informed by experiences living on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales and former working life as a civil engineer. I grew up understanding that landscapes are often shaped and manipulated by people at work. I collaborate with communities to make film and audio works that consider the fragility of human endeavour whilst acknowledging our lasting impact.

Working with people is a key part of my practice. I often encourage people to make a creative response to the situation in which we find ourselves, partly out of curiosity and because of the reciprocity this sets up. I specialise in reaching out to working communities and record first-person interviews that are woven into artist film and sound work. I particularly like working with experts and enthusiasts. Over the last 20 years I have made films with people including foresters, factory workers and farmers.

My works have been broadcast on radio, seen in film festivals and permanently installed as video and audio works in outdoor locations.