I am taking part in groving which launches on Friday 14th August in Bury St Edmunds with Silver Spoon.
Bury St Edmunds is dominated visually by the sugar beet factory, which contrasts boldly with the medieval grid and interesting mix of historic buildings that make up the core of the market town. The ‘beet’ also makes its presence felt through the distinctive smell and plumes of vapour during processing.  It’s common to see beets, like lumpen severed heads, rolling on the road when 660 lorry-loads of beet are being delivered on average each day.” Barbara Dougan, Artist and Curator.

One specially commissioned artwork – less than 5cm x 5cm – will appear in a public space each day from 14 August to 28 August.

Each work will be photographed in situ and the location posted on Twitter @barbara_atgrove and Instagram @barbara_at_groveWhen you find one post it #groveprojects and leave it for someone else to find, or take it home.

Artworks will be accompanied by a new written work by a poet or author at

Artists Alban Low, Rod Bugg, Alison Carlier, Henry Driver, Dean Reddick, Sandra Lane, Deborah Pipe, Jacquie Campbell, Julia Manheim, Sarah Sabin, Barbara Dougan, Amanda Loomes

Writers Ed Arantus, Kevin Acott, Lynda Turbet, Lynn Whitehead, Phil Barrett, Natalie Low, Sue Burge, Tim Welton, David Dougan, Deborah Bowkis

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