Equivalents I-VIII

'Equivalents I-VIII', 2010, Running time 8 mins


EQUIVLENTS I-VIII takes its formal departure point from Carl Andre’s 1966 minimalist sculpture of the same name; better known as ‘The Bricks’. In the film, each Equivalent is exactly one minute long, combining footage taken at the Ibstock brickworks, with material gathered during a community art project in Dorking, Surrey. Although each Equivalent is made up from the same amount of time their equivalence is thrown into question when looked at through the prisms of art, nostalgia and labour.

Shown at ‘Artists in residence, Dorking’, 2010, alongside work by Anne Brodie and Ackroyd & Harvey.

Shown at ‘EMERGENCY 5’, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth in 2011/2012

Made with support from Arts Council England, 2010


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